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Raptuready Ministries

When the Lord placed this ministry in my heart He was clear that He did not want me to create debt; naturally or spiritually. Raptuready will operate on the 10% tithe that is collected, and good stewardship practices. We are moving to secure our 501c3 and seek grants, and private funding towards transforming lives with the power of the gospel.

90% of the Time, Talent, and Resources of Raptuready is to go towards the spreading of the gospel, through edification of the community area's that need resources. The focus of this ministry is to unite the body by intentionally crossing denominational lines and encouraging Kingdom service.

With that in mind Raptuready is not a location, but a ministry that is operating weekly in multiple locations and partnering with the following ministries; 

  1. Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ, Topeka, Ks. 
  2. Weekly Church service at Plaza West Nursing Facility
  3. Bi-weekly Bible study at Brighton Place West
  4. International Academy Private School/Fatih Temple Church
  5. Working Men Of Christ Ministries (WMOC)
  6. Prayer For Healing
  7. Wake Up with Jesus (Online Bible Study)
  8. Heart of America Council of Churches (HACC, P.A.W. Inc.)
  9. The Rock Community Church
  10. Jesus Only Faith Tabernacle
  11. In God's House Church
  12. Mt. Zion Family Worship Center, Manhattan, Ks.
  13. Calvary Pentecostal Temple, Muncie, Ks.
  14. Fellowship Hi-Crest

I'm also a Licensed Master  Social Worker in private practice offering clinical and spiritual counseling to individuals and families in, and outside of the body of Christ.

Launch & Thrive Corp.

We received our 501c3 status on 6/30/21 and our articles of incorporation have been submitted to the Kansas Secretary of State.  Our mission is to empowering citizenry toward building educational, economic, political and faith empowered leadership towards obtaining and occupying community independence.  Our vision is in unison with Raptuready Ministries of transforming citizens to build sustainable communities.  

Mailing and correspondence:

3705 SE California Ave.

Topeka, Ks.




The Truth we embrace

The purpose of this church shall be the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the administration of the ordinances of the Holy Scriptures, the spiritual growth of its members, and the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world.

This church accepts the Scriptures as a temple in matters of faith and practice. Combined with santification through being a reflection of the will of God through following the example of Christ is essential in being in accord with the inerrant Word of God.

We believe in the deity of our Lord Jesus Christ, as true God, and His manifestation as a true sinless man. By faith we believe in His miracles, and that he died for our sins, His bodily resurrection and ascension where he resides in power at the right hand of God until His return for his Kingdom. We also believe in the manifestation of the Holy Spirit which is our guiding and empowering light to perform the work of the ministry and live a Godly life while it is yet day.

We believe in the necessity to recognize that without the shading of blood there is no remission of sins, and in that belief we acknowledge that we must repent, be baptized in the name of Jesus for the remission of our sins knowing that His name and His blood, and the in dwelling of His spirit are key elements in our salvation. This salvation is a gift from God that we receive through faith in Jesus Christ and not through human effort.

We believe that a Christian is a follower, and worshipper of Christ, and therefore not to conform to the world standards established for mankind, but we have been transformed to walk in the image and integrity of Jesus Christ as we share and present the Gospel to the lost.

We believe the Church is the physical manifestation that is ordained by God and called to evangelize the world. We understand that the Church is spirit, and not limited to a physical building, but is a representation of a people who have been transformed and empowered to seek and disciple the lost for Kingdom work.

We believe that there is only one God, and one Church. Our efforts is to unify the body in order that our Time, Talent, and Resources are fitly joined together to achieve the effective work of the ministry. 

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