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Pastor John B. Hymon

John B. Hymon was raised in the Baptist Church and later joined The Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ on September 1, 1991. Called to ministry at age 12 after receiving a prophetic word from Dr. W.L. Templeton during a visit to the Mt. Carmel Missionary Baptist Church but did not accept his call to the preaching ministry until 1994, obtaining his fellowship papers with the Northwestern District Council (Now known as the Heart of America Council of Churches, HACC) and in 2002 became a licensed minister in the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World. Pastor Hymon completed the Aenon Bible Course and was ordained as pastor in June 2013.  Pastor Hymon served nearly 22 years under the leadership of Suffragan Bishop Aletha J. Cushinberry of the Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ before launching Raptuready Ministries July, 2013 (  

January 12, 2013, Johnnetta M. Brown-Hymon, John’s wife of nearly 32 years, finished her lengthy battle with cancer. The family continues to celebrate the gifts and joy of his union with Johnnetta through three amazing adult children - Johnnelle, Jennifur (Katie), and Jordan (Ashley), and grandchildren, Ahn’Zure (Johnnelle), Zarie (Jennifur & Katie), and our newest addition Zion (Jordan & Ashley). This book represents the love journey of John and Johnnetta through personal cards written for various occasions. My hope is that you will get a visual of our love as well as be inspired in your personal love journey.  

The Lord's blessings continue as Pastor Hymon enter matrimony once again with Toiane (Toi) on August 1st, 2015. They were blessed to have many in attendance to share in their entry into this God ordained journey. Currently in our care we are raising our nieces and nephew Lacy, Allie, and Sam. We are also raising 3 grandchildren Malia, Harrison, and Tobias, and as on March of 2021 we took in our parents Waldon and Beverlyn Brown. Another essential part of our nest is our Sister Dora Mae Lafleur (Aunt Gail).Toi is a Licensed Specialist Clinical Social Worker with over 30 years of experience, and Pastor Hymon completed his bachelors of Social Work in 2018, and Masters in 2020.  We both operate as licensed private practitioners as well as  serve in the Kingdom where our church building is our home where we care for and serve family, community, and support many who are in need.​

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